About this blog

This is where I’ll be writing about various disability issues.  Of course, “disability issues” doesn’t narrow things down much; it could mean pretty much anything: civil rights, health care, law, architecture, humor, politics, general ranting….you get the idea.

As for me, I apparently don’t look blind, despite the guide dog and the fact that any time I take a vision test, I have to be pointed towards the eye chart so I know where it is.  In my 20s, I thought of my politics as radical; now in my 30s, I’ll go with “progressive”, since I don’t actually take myself all that seriously, although in fact my views haven’t changed much.  I live in the Boston area, I work full-time, and I have a lot of opinions.

And of course, absolutely nothing posted here represents the views of my employer in any way.  Seriously.  They deal with my big mouth enough when I’m on the clock; they don’t need it during my off hours.


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