Things Ms. Pup has eaten, part 2 (38/49)

Ms. Pup, like many dogs, has a number of unhealthy eating habits. For example, she loves to poke into trash cans and eat up paper towels, napkins, and tissues, the dirtier the better. Unfortunately, these items disagree with her system, sometimes vehemently. In her younger days, she ate (and then promptly ejected) a pair of my underwear at 6:30 one morning. She’s downed the occasional chocolate, which is indeed poisonous to dogs, but she’s large enough that it didn’t really affect her. She has also eaten the middle finger out of one of my gloves, and on the first day of bellydance class, she chewed up a classmate’s sock, which fortunately was not on the classmate at the time.

But her true passion is any kind of baked good. Bread, muffins, croissants, any kind of pastry, she’s all for it. I cannot leave her off tie-down at night, because the household will wake up with all of our bread gone. Seriously, it’s happened before. She has devoured most of a flat of croissants from BJ’s while we slept. She’s snatched my breakfast while my back was turned. If it contains leavening, it’s her favorite thing ever.

Note that a) she is not actually allowed to have any of these things, and b) when offered her own food, she will saunter over to it in a leisurely fashion and pick at it slowly in a most un-lab-like manner. But for people food, she’s all lab.

Post #: 38/49
Total so far: $1272.34
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One Response to “Things Ms. Pup has eaten, part 2 (38/49)”

  1. Li Says:

    Until recently I had a cat who’s favorite food was White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn.

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