Things Ms. Pup has eaten, part 1 (37/49)

This is the post about the things Ms. Pup likes to eat that are actually acceptable foods for her. She thinks her kibble is okay. She’s not all that excited about it one way or the other, although she’ll definitely let you know if it’s dinnertime and she doesn’t see any in her bowl. She doesn’t like to eat first thing in the morning, though, so I’ve taken to giving her 1/4 of her daily food in the morning and the other 3/4 at night. Feeding her once a day doesn’t work, because if she goes too long without food, she pukes up bile, and it’s really gross.

She does adore her daily fish oil pills, which help with her dry skin and chapped nose. She also loves her monthly anti-heartworm pills, which apparently taste like delicious treats. Many dogs like baby carrots or green beans as treats, but she isn’t a fan. What she really likes is canned pumpkin, which she gets frozen in a Kong on her birthday, and spooned over her food on other special occasions. Other special treats include water chestnuts (don’t ask; I have no idea), pineapple (especially canned), watermelon, and ice cubes. She used to get ice cubes made out of frozen chicken broth until she became allergic to them. For a while she got so used to those, she’d turn up her nose at regular ice cubes, but no longer. She’s also made short work of salmon skin, but she doesn’t get that anymore. I’ve also stopped giving her peanut butter, although she loves it. And for obedience drills, we use dried apples, although we don’t use food rewards often.

But her favorite thing in the world is a beef marrow bone. I freeze them so they’re less stinky and it takes her longer to eat them. She never gets more than once a week, and it takes her at least two hours to finish one, but it’s the quietest two hours she’ll ever spend. 🙂 I always put her through some obedience drills when I give her one, but it’s hard, because she gets so excited when she sees a marrow bone, her brain falls out. Seriously, she’s a smart dog, but I tell her to sit, and she stares at me, runs around in a circle, and then comes back and stares at the bone some more. It’s like she completely forgets how to do anything but beg for the marrow bone. Eventually she remembers, but it takes a while. In this case, she’s not being disobedient, she’s just completely ecstatic about the impending marrow bone.

Part two of this post will address her favorite forbidden foods.

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One Response to “Things Ms. Pup has eaten, part 1 (37/49)”

  1. Kimberly & guide dog Rufus Says:

    The lack of interest in her kibble must be her poodle side coming out. My Lab Rufus is just ever-so-slightly food-obsessed.

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