Question question question! (36/49)

My fabulous Blogathon monitor Sohorhapsody asks:

What was your most difficult moment of training with your dog?

Wow. Good question. I think my most difficult moment was a misunderstanding with my trainer involving dog distraction, some crazy lady who let her dogs run around loose and freak out our guide dogs, and my attempting to calm my dog down in the face of all this but actually reinforcing bad behavior. It would take a long time to explain, but the instructor blew up, the crazy lady acted like an idiot, and my dog was very confused, as were my fellow classmates. The instructor later apologized to me, and in fact voluntarily admitted to the lead instructor that he’d screwed up. But I remember feeling very overwhelmed and incompetent until it was all worked out, plus there were some very upset dogs.

Also, working in 90-degree heat with a black dog kinda sucks. 🙂

But basically, in a setting as intense as guide dog school, any miscommunication or mishap can snowball very quickly if not nipped in the bud immediately. Emotions run high, and people can be pretty anxious. Fortunately, in our case, things turned out fine.

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2 Responses to “Question question question! (36/49)”

  1. Briianna Says:

    So you’ve mentioned distraction techniques a few times now. Would you tell us what they are/what you mean when you mention them?

    (Go Team Local 50, go!)

  2. Kimberly & guide dog Rufus Says:

    I think what took me most by surprise during training was how stressful it all was. No one warned me about stress, they made it sound like training with a guide dog was all sunshine and rainbows. Now I know better, LOL.

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