Ms. Pup’s people parents (33/49)

From the time she was seven weeks old until about a year later, Ms. Pup lived with her puppy walkers on Long Island. They are amazing people; I’ve met them. They taught her basic obedience and took her to lots of different settings to socialize her and get her used to different situations. They gave her love and care and structure, which helped her become the amazing dog she is today. I met them at Celebration Sunday (which is kind of like graduation), and they were just lovely. This was actually their second Celebration Sunday, because Ms. Pup had been matched with someone before me, but it didn’t work out. But they were just as excited as if it were her first time out.

The next time I was in the area, which was about a year and a half later, we got together, and they were worried that Ms. Pup wouldn’t recognize them. As if! She ran back and forth between them wiggling and kissing them non-stop for about an hour and a half. She was ecstatic, and they were so happy to see her! Of course, they were still picking her hair out of their stuff two dogs later……

I am very grateful for all the love and energy they put into raising Ms. Pup. We’re still in touch, which is great. Some pupppy walkers have trouble letting go, or are uncomfortable with the people who wind up handling the puppies they’ve raised. Most are friendly and wonderful, though, and I’m lucky that Ms. Pup’s fall into that category.

Post #: 33/49
Total so far: $1272.34
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One Response to “Ms. Pup’s people parents (33/49)”

  1. Kimberly & guide dog Rufus Says:

    They sound like wonderful PR’s. I’m hoping to have a relationship with my next guide’s PRs. Rufus was raised in a prison raiser program, and his raiser was supposed to be released right around the time our training ended.

    What week in the class schedule is Celebration Sunday? Do retrains get to attend, or have they already left for home?

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