Many thanks (48/49)

I am thankful for so many people who have made this Blogathon possible.

First of all, the folks who started and run the Blogathon event have worked their butts off, and I appreciate that. My teammate Eustacia Vye has provided amazing support and good humor over the past 24 hours and in the planning of this day. Jason, Ricky, Cate, M-E, Patience, Miriam, Jack, Kristen, Sarah, Nyren, Boe, and Toby have been the best pit crew anyone could ask for. Ms. Pup has been incredibly patient about weird happenings she couldn’t possibly have understood. My Blogathon monitor Sohorhapsody has been encouraging and positive the whole time. Lots of wonderful people have commented and kept things going.

And thanks to all of you, we have raised $1321.34 for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. I can’t wait to let them know. They are so excited that we’ve been doing this, and you have all made it possible. And together, the sponsors of the 146 bloggers participating in Blogathon 2009 have raised a total of $41,281.93 (as of right now) for charity. I’m so proud to be a part of this, and I’m humbled by the support I’ve received.

Post #: 48/49
Total so far: $1321.34
Make that total higher! Donate to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.


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2 Responses to “Many thanks (48/49)”

  1. meredith Says:

    OH HAI! I finally got to you in the surfing frame! Just in time too. LOL.

  2. Kimberly & guide dog Rufus Says:

    That’s awesome!!

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