Light at the end of the tunnel (46/49)

I confess that I’m running out of steam and topics here. Well, I have a list of topics, and a few of them are still left, but they’re kind of involved, and I’m not sure I can do them at this point. I am pleased to say that a valued member of our pit crew headed out a while back and found a bakery around the corner with fresh croissants, so I guess I’ve had some breakfast. I’m also up-to-date on my meds and such. So aside from being exhausted, I’m actually doing reasonably decent self-care. A bit more hydration and maybe some Airborne, and I’m pretty set.

I should probably start cleaning up, because I’m sure not doing it at 9!

Only an hour and a half left to pledge before Blogathon 2009 ends! Have you gotten your pledge in yet?

Post #: 46/49
Total so far: $1321.34
Make that total higher! Donate to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.


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