Dr. Becky (35/49)

I was going to start by saying that I am blessed with a fantastic vet, but the fact is that I am blessed with a fantastic friend who is also my vet. I knew her through friends before I got Ms. Pup, so when I moved back to the area, I started taking Ms. Pup to her.

When you have a working dog, it’s not enough just to have a decent vet. You need an excellent vet who understands the particular issues of working dogs. They can’t just prescribe something that will make a dog woozy, because that can get the handler (and the dog) killed. You need someone who is going to be able to work with your disability without making a big honking deal about it. It’s also not exactly a problem if they give a discount for service animals, although not all vets do.

Dr. Becky is very careful what she prescribes for Ms. Pup, and will tell me exactly why she’s choosing a given drug. For example, one day she prescribed something and then told me that she had chosen the more expensive option, because the cheaper drug had a rare side effect of deafness, which would be career-ending in a guide dog. I wouldn’t even have known what the options were, much less their prices and side effects, but she wanted to be sure that I knew why she had chosen the option she had. I was very pleased. She describes how to do maintenance tasks in such a way that I can do them non-visually. She lets me know how long a procedure will keep Ms. Pup out of commission, and is patient and affectionate, even with some of Ms. Pup’s histrionics.

Ms. Pup is terrified of the otoscope. That’s the thing the doctor uses to look in your ear, or a dog’s ear, or whatever. And it’s not because it hurts her when it’s used, because she flips out even when it’s used on her non-infected ear. You can stick needles in her, roll her over, thump her pretty much anywhere, or mess with her paws, and she’s fine with it. Take her temperature, and she’ll just roll her eyes and give you a look like, “Don’t you humans ever get tired of that?” But get an otoscope anywhere near her, and she’ll scream, roll over onto her back, wave her paws in the air, and scream some more. Craziness.

My only complaint about Dr. Becky is that she’s an itinerant relief vet, so she’s always traveling around. Sometimes I have to get rides to some pretty remote places to see her. But it’s totally worth it. Oh, and Ms. Pup adores her, so that’s also a plus.

Post #: 35/49
Total so far: $1272.34
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One Response to “Dr. Becky (35/49)”

  1. Kimberly & guide dog Rufus Says:

    Sounds like an awesome vet. 🙂 How often do you take Ms. Pup to the vet? We go every 6 months, for a wellness exam and bordetella booster. I figure I want the vet to catch any issues as early as possible.

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