Ask me a question, I’ll give you an answer (34/49)

Kelly had about eight zillion questions about the Red Sox, and I love my Sox, but I don’t think I have enough detailed knowledge of their history to answer most of them. Sorry!

Kim asks:

What was your best memory of training with your dog?

I have this great memory of coming back after our first solo night walk, and I was completely overwhelmed. I was exhausted, but had just been shown exactly how much more confident and independent I was going to be with a guide dog. Ms. Pup had handled the walk flawlessly, and I was incredibly proud of her. We got back to campus and headed for our room, and when we got there I put her on tie-down for the night. I sat down next to her to say good night, and looked down at this amazingly good, hard-working dog, and just burst into tears.

Well, Ms. Pup was quite taken aback by this, and sat right up and started licking my face. I petted her and assured her that she was a very good girl, and it wasn’t her fault I was crying.

She looked soulfully into my eyes and belched loudly in my face.

And that pretty much sums up our relationship right there.

(I also have fun memories of watching Eddie Izzard with my classmates, but that has nothing to do with dogs or training).

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One Response to “Ask me a question, I’ll give you an answer (34/49)”

  1. Li Says:

    What was your most difficult moment of training with your dog?

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