And the hits just keep on coming! (32/49)

Kelly wants to know:

What is the one thing you wish sighted people knew?

Well, it’s after midnight, and I’m a bit punchy, so for me, I’d say that I wish they knew that they care a lot more about my blindness than I do. I do not want to talk about it all the time. I do not know every other blind person (despite the fact that I currently have 3 of them in my house). My life is not significantly different, and certainly not significantly worse, because of my blindness. And while I have nothing personal against sighted people, 90% of the problems caused by my blindness are because of other people. And they’re usually not blind. So, um, yeah.

What is your favorite Boston memory?

I….um…..I do believe I’ve been stuck speechless. Because I love Bosotn, and I can’t imagine narrowing it down to one. Can I think about it?

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2 Responses to “And the hits just keep on coming! (32/49)”

  1. kel Says:

    if you could field a team of Sox players from any eras, what would your roster be?

    What is one trade you wish you could undo?

    One player you wish played for the sox?

    Favorite player for off field reasons (could be community service, or just because you want to make him your personal bat boy *raises eyebrows*)?

    Best fenway memory?

  2. Kimberly & guide dog Rufus Says:

    Good luck with blogging tonight. I’ll check back in tomorrow.

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