We are family (9/49)

Ms. Pup comes from a moderately-sized family. She was one of seven puppies, her mother’s second litter. Her mother is a black lab, and last I heard, she’s living somewhere on Long Island. Unfortunately, Mama Pup had a bit of difficulty whelping her pups, so GDF decided that two litters was plenty. (Usually breeding bitches at GDF retire around age 7, but Mama was about three and a half. Her first litter was pure lab). I guess she’s about nine now.

Daddy Pup was a big white standard poodle. He may still be, but he’d be about twelve, so I don’t know. He’d also be on Long Island, but not in the same house with Mama Pup. And yes, they did actually meet; Ms. Pup was not a pupsicle. He sired a LOT of puppies, and I think they were mostly lab-poodle crosses. I imagine he must be very smart, because his puppies are.

At least five of Ms. Pup’s six siblings went on to become guide dogs. One girl is still working in New York. I think a couple (a boy and a girl) went to Canada. Two (a boy and a girl) have since been retired. I don’t know about her sixth sibling. But that’s really not a bad track record. I think the general graduation rate is maybe 50%.

I bet they’re all fuzzy and Muppet-like, though. 🙂

Post #: 2/49
Total so far: $945.34
Make that total higher! Donate to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.


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3 Responses to “We are family (9/49)”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Heh. Did the 34c come from me sponsoring you in £ and it getting converted into $?

  2. Scribble Says:

    Hey there! Is Scribble. The Holy Terrier says ‘HAI!’

    So… Are there any pictures of Ms. Pup? I’d love to see some.

    And something I’ve always wondered– I am assuming you are sighted enough to see a computer monitor. How does that work for you, exactly? How do you manage?

    Also, you mentioned something about Ms. Pup and working on distraction training. I have always understood that if a dog is a ‘working’ dog, you don’t play with it, etc. and I’ve worked very hard to respect the ‘space’ of a working dog and its person. Do people try to play with Ms. Pup, or is she just occasionally distracted by her surroundings?

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