VetDogs (28/49)

So there’s this subsidiary of GDF or something like that – anyway, it’s really nifty – called VetDogs. Its mission is to train dogs to for wounded veterans, particularly those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Some veterans come back blinded or otherwise wounded, and VetDogs provides guide dogs and other types of assistance dogs to them. GDF started out providing dogs to blinded vets, and VetDogs is sort of building on that theme. Some of the dogs hlelp with mobility or balance or retrieval. Some of them get sent to rehab hospitals to provide emotional support to soldiers with PTSD and help them with rehab exercises like tug of war and balance and such. The first such dog from VetDogs is a black lab named Stryker, and he went to Walter Reed. The vets say the dogs make a huge difference and help them adjust to the huge changes in their lives.

VetDogs is technically a separate organization, but they are run through GDF. No matter what you think of the war, there’s nothing controversial about helping the people who have come back for it.

Post #: 28/49
Total so far: $1218.34
Make that total higher! Donate to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.


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One Response to “VetDogs (28/49)”

  1. Caitlin L. Says:

    Yay for Vetdogs. Another question for you (may be my last, since I have been awake for just about 36 hours now w/o sleep): If there is one trait of Ms. Pup’s that you absolutely could not live without, what would it be? (Maybe this is a “duh, her eyes, blindfool” type of thing, but who knows.)

    Anyway, I’m really proud of you and this effort, keep it going and at 4AM think of squirmy puppies…or caffine; caffine is good, too!

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