Rosie (19/49)

Mr. T told me that Ms. Pup had trained with a yellow lab named Rosie. Ms. Pup was very barky, and so was Rosie, so he put them together as roomies in the kennel. Everyone said that was nuts, but he must have known what he was doing, because the two dogs kept each other quiet. They became the best of friends, and hung out together happily for several months.

Rosie was later sent down to work with a trainer in Florida, and was probably assigned to one of GDF’s students in the South. Fortunately, Ms. Pup is not the type to get depressed over that sort of thing. I sometimes wonder about Rosie and how she’s doing. I never met her. But I bet she’s a good dog, and I suspect she and Ms. Pup would recognize each other if they met up again.

(And I’ll admit that it’s nice to know that someone else has a guide dog as barky as mine).

Post #: 19/49
Total so far: $1070.34
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2 Responses to “Rosie (19/49)”

  1. Caitlin L. Says:

    I’m so proud of this effort, and I have loved reading all of your posts thus far. Keep it going, lady, this is a wonderful thing that you are doing. I will check in perodically throughout the night…and, when it gets later, I will ply you with questions, so that you do not have to think of topics to write about, as I’d imagine that could get pretty tricky at 4:30 A.M. Scratches to Ms. Pup from Ldog and I!!

  2. Alex Says:

    Woooooo! Go Raycho GOOOOOOOOOO!!

    and Brodie too 🙂

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