Oh no she didn’t! (27/49)

Caitlin posted a comment asking:

What’s the most embarassing thing Ms. Pup’s ever done?

Oh, dear. How do I narrow this down? How about the time she redecorated my living room with the bathroom trash, including a number of prophylactic items? Or the time she stood up in the front row of a meeting at which the Commissioner of Public Health was speaking, farted loudly, and lay back down? Or the several meetings in which she’s started woofing in her sleep?

Ah, but then there was the time we sat through three hours of sexual harassment training, and then I got up to talk to some guy, and she walked right up to him and face-planted right into his crotch. I guess she hadn’t paid attention to anything in the training!

Or the time she ran up and barked at several other guide dogs while she was on duty during a public event sponsored by the Cambridge Commission for People with Disabilities. I’d just become chair of the Commission.

I could continue, really…..

Post #: 27/49
Total so far: $1168.34
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One Response to “Oh no she didn’t! (27/49)”

  1. M-E Says:

    There is also the sheeshee restaurant puking that the waiter insisted on cleaning up…

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