If you build it….(7/49)

GDF underwent a huge renovation a few years before I got there, particularly in the dorm/living areas. I don’t know that much about what it was like beforehand, except that people had roommates, and now you get a single. But it was definitely re-designed to meet the needs of the people who were actually going to be staying there. Floor surfaces in adjacent rooms are different textures and sound different when tapped with a cane. All signage is in large print, raised print, and Braille. Individual room thermostats are in large print and marked with raised dots. Every room has a talking alarm clock and manuals for all inluded electronic devices in Braille and large print. The laundry machines are labeled with raised dots and automatically dispense detergent; you don’t have to put any in. The microwave not only talks, it has a British accent. The great thing about most of these measures is that they’re not a big deal. They’re just integrated into the design, and they don’t affect how sighted people use the space. That’s how it should be.

By the way, in the basement there’s a lounge with audio-described movies, musical instruments, and audiobooks, plus Braille and large print Scrabble and other games. It’s kinda nifty. Guess what makes all that possible? 😉

Post #: 7/49
Total so far: $920.34
Make that total higher! Donate to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.


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3 Responses to “If you build it….(7/49)”

  1. meredith Says:

    Thanks for writing such thoughtful entries BTW! I am seeing some people blogging and not saying much as I browse through the surfing frame. For example, here is one person’s 2nd post: “My name is ____ and blogging for __ in this year blogathon.” Here’s their 3rd post: “Someone told that we are having homemade taco for Lunch. I’m babysitting my mother’s laptop.” What?! How is that BLOGGING?

  2. Li Says:

    I would LOVE to have a microwave that talks to me in a British accent!

  3. Kimberly & guide dog Rufus Says:

    Thanks! This is really helpful information, since I hope to be training at GDF with dog #2 sometime soon. I don’t live close enough to go for a tour before training there, like I did with SEGD.

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