Food, glorious food (22/49)

People have brought and cooked us us amazing food (I will post a thank-you post later). I brought home bacon from the farmer’s market, and one housemate made breakfast for everyone. Someone brought a quiche. Another housemate made Bankruptcy Stew (it’s way better than it sounds). Another friend brought over makings for sundaes. And I’ve got a spinach lasagna ready to go. Plus my teammate brought a giant watermelon and a few more things.

Oh. And coffee. And juice and stuff.

We’re doing pretty well here for food.

(And this is a short post because of a whole lot of things happening at once. Sorry).

Post #: 22/49
Total so far: $1168.34
Make that total higher! Donate to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.


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3 Responses to “Food, glorious food (22/49)”

  1. Tina Ektermanis Says:

    Hey, I found you a few days ago over on Twitter. Are you one in the same, Disabilities forum owner/moderator from ISCA in the 1990’s? Wow, I’m thinking you are, but am not 100% sure. If so, long time no see! *grin* It’s great to have found your blog over here!

    Tina E, from Missouri, but now living in Colorado.

  2. Li Says:

    You’re set for anything, even 24hrs of blogging, as long as you’ve got enough food!

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