Bored dog is bored (12/49)

There’s been a request for a picture of Ms. Pup, so her Auntie Eustacia took one. Unfortunately, Ms. Pup has had more exciting days, and is not feeling the Blogathon love.

Ms. Pup sprawled on the floor looking terminally bored. And fuzzy.

Which leads me to point out that Ms. Pup has a lot of toys. A lot. Some of them, like the Nylabones, she pretty much ignores. Some of them, like her purple rubber bone, are much loved. Some of them, like the squeaky toy one of my co-workers (and sponsors) gave her, are hidden away because they are a nuisance. Some of them, like what we call the Stogie (a stick made out of tennis ball material, which Ms. Pup loves to chew with most of it hanging out of her mouth) are loved until they disintegrate, and have to be thrown away.

In general, we don’t play much with balls, because we’re not supposed to play with anything she might enounter while working. It’d be a serious pain if she decided it was playtime every time she came across a ball somewhere. Or a stick. But my dog is smart, and she knows exactly what tennis balls are for anyway. We once went into an elementary school classroom to talk to the kids about guide dogs, and all of the chair legs had tennis-ball halves on the ends, to keep them from squeaking across the floor. Poor Ms. Pup nearly had a heart attack. Poor kid.

I tend only to get her toys rated for “vigorous chewers” because, well, she is one. She’s half lab, after all.

Ms. Pup looking goofy with her purple bone hanging out of her mouth

Post #: 12/49
Total so far: $945.34
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4 Responses to “Bored dog is bored (12/49)”

  1. Li Says:

    Aww that’s adorable!

  2. meredith Says:


  3. Lisa Says:

    ZOMG that first picture kinda broke my LJ friends page. It displays fine here though.

  4. Kimberly & guide dog Rufus Says:

    That last picture is hilarious!! LOL.

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