Boe and Budge (29/49)

One more thing I want to tell you about VetDogs is that they have actually sent dogs to Iraq and Afghanistan to help the soldiers with PTSD, sleep disturbances, and other emotional issues. Boe and Budge are black labs who were specially trained to work in Iraq. They wear little booties and shades and such to protect them from the hot sand. The dogs even have ranks, usually one rank higher than their handler. The soldiers report that the dogs are a huge help, and assist many of them in talking about their emotions when they otherwise would be unwilling to show them. I think Boe was in Tikrit, but I’m not sure where Budge was stationed. I’m told that Boe and Budge have come home from their tour of duty, and their replacements have been deployed. So yes, VetDogs does actually produce dogs who become veterans.

Post #: 29/49
Total so far: $1218.34
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5 Responses to “Boe and Budge (29/49)”

  1. kel Says:

    more questions

    what is one thing you wish sighted people knew?

    what is your favorite Boston memory?

    Great Job!

  2. Li Says:

    That’s really impressive.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Have been out all day, so just caught up on the blogathon now. Loving it so far, and H and I will be cheering you and Miss Pup on into the wee hours of the norning. (Well, I will. H will probably be snoring on her bed. 😉 )

    Great job so far!

  4. antuvschle Says:

    Why are people so skeptical of emotional support dogs? I could never have predicted, till she actually, y’know, did it, how much Pinky would do for me. Maybe you just have to have one to understand.

  5. Kimberly & guide dog Rufus Says:

    Very cool! I remember reading articles that Boe & Budge had deployed, but hadn’t heard any updates.

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