Answers! (17/49)

We have a question from yet another faithful reader, Lisy Babe, whose blog you will notice referenced in my blogroll. She’s also the reason why my pledge total is not a whole dollar amount, as she is British and pledged in pounds. 🙂 She asks:

If you couldn’t have a guide DOG, but you could have a guide animal of any other species, what would you have and why?

Here in the US, a few people have guide horses, actually. They are miniature horses about the size of a guide dog, but they live perhaps three to four times as long. They guide very well, they’re smart, and their eyes are on the sides of their heads, so they’re good at seeing all possible obstacles and oncoming traffic. I don’t know much about horses, but it seems they guide well, so IMight want one of those. I could not have them in this house, though, as a) there is nowhere to keep one, and b) one of my housemates is severely allergic to horses. Like, way more allergic than he is to dogs, and he is allergic to dogs. (He takes medication every day, and he can live with me in part because my dog is a poodle cross, and therefore less allergenic).

I’m trying to think of another animal that would be suitable for guiding, and I’m having some trouble with it. Definitely not a human, though. A human would drive me nuts. 🙂

Post #: 17/49
Total so far: $1045.34
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2 Responses to “Answers! (17/49)”

  1. Lisa Says:

    My cousin C has a guide dog so big it’s practically a horse.

  2. Li Says:

    I’ve never heard of guide horses before. That’s pretty cool.

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